Blemished and Beautiful

They Tell Our Story

No matter how big or how small, every scar or mark left on the human body has a story behind it. We all have them; each of our scars are our own, our unique patterns that only we know and contain. In popular culture, it’s the bad guys that have the scars; they are often seen as ugly, dangerous, criminal and something to hide and be ashamed of. It’s no wonder so many people feel self-conscious about them. Scars remind us of past journeys, as well as our weaknesses and strengths, successes and failures and lessons we’ve learned. They tell our story. Blemished and Beautiful is a collection of photos that come together to celebrate strength, resilience, patience, and endurance. People should be proud of their scars. They bare the evidence of time while portraying the tension and unity between beauty and pain.

Skin is the main vehicle used here for storytelling. The exhibit is set in a series of raw black and white images with dramatic lighting. The composition of each image varies from full body shots to close ups. Angles and lighting are two factors that play one of the biggest roles in emphasizing the form and texture within the areas of marred skin. The closeups truly bring out the different hills and valleys marked into skin. Through shooting with a narrow aperture, details of the skin are better displayed. The lines and shapes captured throughout each picture and scar are organic and unique. A few of the images even bring attention to a person’s attitude or overall disposition towards the imperfection. Each image is crisp and deliberate, with the power to be on its own in a gallery or on the wall in someone’s home. These are a collection of 20 images chosen out of hundreds that portray beauty, honesty, naturalness and simplicity in scarring. Sometimes that beauty may walk a thin line alongside grotesqueness.

Blemished and Beautiful is the overall appreciation for a person’s imperfections. Each image in the collection is unified under the sentiment that scars are beautiful little stories a person carries around with them forever. It features people of all ages and genders with either surgical scars or accidental scars. The photographs give people an insight into the resilience of the human mind, and body, while recognizing the journey to self-acceptance and the changes you can go through in life.

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